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What would it be to live without a microwave at home?

What would it be to live without a microwave at home-Have you ever wondered what would it be to live without your beloved microwave? Almost every household owns one as they are really easy to use and maintain. However, recent studies showed that the way a microwave oven preheats the food damages the molecules` structure and people eat modified food on daily basis which in the long run may lead to some serious health issues. So are you willing to risk your and your family’s safety just because you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite microwave popcorn? Read on to see what a living without this kitchen appliance entails.

  • Not owning a microwave means that you will no longer buy microwave-only food. You will stop buying all these cups of ready-made noodles or junk food which never were healthy for you anyway. We should confess that after a long day grabbing your microwave dinner is a huge relief but this doesn’t mean it is good for your diet. Yes, you will have to cook more but not only you will master your skills in the kitchen but you will eat tasty homemade dishes and your family would love the idea for sure!
  • You will have more space in the kitchen and if you are living in a small apartment you will notice the difference. When you are short on places to store your items and have limited counter-top space, getting rid of the microwave is a good solution. However, despite the fact microwaves are big and take a lot of room, family members see them as another flat surface to make piles of clutter. This means that not only you will make extra storing place but when it’s time for your domestic cleaning there will be one less thing to declutter.
  • Well, to be honest with you, it will be hard to eat leftovers as it will be more-time consuming to preheat them. If you are among the people that don’t mind eating cold leftovers you won’t have any problems to get rid of your microwave. Still, if you need to preheat the sauce from last night, you will have to do it using a sauce pan. When you want to reheat something in your oven, you should be extra careful as some plates are not oven-safe and you may melt or damage them or at least make your dish cleaning harder as you will have to scrub off more. However, food heated up in the oven tastes way better than microwaved dish – we guarantee that you won’t have to eat rubber-like snacks.
  • Not owning a microwave means one less thing to clean. We know that to clean your oven can be a challenge as being used on daily basis inevitably results in a lot of messes. You will save yourself from scrubbing baked-on food and spills. Well, at least from your microwave. Unfortunately, you can’t skip this part when you want to be a diligent house-owner.
  • One of the greatest advantages is that you will cut down the amount of frozen food purchases. As most of the frozen food goods are microwavable this means that you will reduce the amount of unhealthy foods in your diet.  However, if you are used to eating them, you will have to cook them in your conventional oven, which will make them taste better and waiting won’t be that bad after all. So frozen lasagna can still be an option when you are exhausted after work. It will take you more time for preparing but you will be able to plan your meals ahead and start a new diet that is good for your health.
  • Disadvantage that you would meet not owning a microwave oven is that the time you would need for defrosting would be much more. However, as we mentioned if you plan ahead this should not be such a problem as you can always let your frozen meat or vegetables sit on the counter or place them in hot water for a couple of hours if you need them in that day. We should not make compromises when it concern our healthy living despite we have to spend more time in the kitchen – saying goodbye to your microwave is certainly for the good.

If you are brave enough give up on your microwave and start a life that would be much more active and enjoyable. You will spend more time planning and preparing your food, but if you do it together with your loved ones this could turn into a fun and productive activity. Considering the pros and cons you can make the best decision for your own but you should know that living without a microwave is not that difficult. Sometimes you would find it less convenient for sure still this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You should not be a slave of your kitchen appliances – they’re here to help you, not to control you!

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March 14, 2016 at 12:53 pm
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  • April 9, 2016 at 4:45 pmMelissa

    I decided to ditch my microwave a while back due to health, environmental, and minimalist motives.
    I have found that I ONLY really miss it in terms of heating my wax for my upper lip and heating my favorite rice heating pad- one a friend made me. I’ll be buying an electric wax warmer, which will save me money and time in the long run, but am not sure what to do about the heating pad. The electric one is stiff and just not the same. I’m trying to figure out if I can safely heat it in the oven!

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