How to Organise Your Home Office

How to Organise Your Home OfficeWorking from home definitely has a lot of advantages. You set your working hours and do not have to tolerate the irritating behavior of the co-worker on the desk next to you. Plus, you don’t have to get up two hours earlier to dress up, catch the bus or drive several miles to get to work where you will have to do your task. If you do your job well, you will probably be assigned someone else’s job too. On the other hand, working from home limits your social life, not to mention that many people find the home environment distracting. Anyway, if you consider the advantages of working from home more than the disadvantages, you’d better set up your working corner and try to keep the distraction to the minimum. (more…)

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June 17, 2016 at 11:13 am Comment (1)