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Make your home eco-friendly by following these steps!

Make your home eco-friendly by following these stepsEvery homeowner dreams of a perfect home. However, this does not mean only stylish interior design and feel of coziness. It’s very important to create an environmentally friendly living area too. Some of you may think, that this is very overwhelming mission. The truth is that, you may start with some small changes in order to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly home space. As a result you will save some money and you may continue with greater home improvements. Don’t forget that your actions in this eco direction will help you to contribute for saving both: the planet and your wallet. Here below you will find some important eco-friendly steps to follow. Read carefully and don’t hesitate to apply the described advices:

  • Start by improving the energy efficiency of your house. Do you unplug the devices and appliances, that you don’t use at the moment? Don’t underestimate this piece of advice, because these gadgets are real “energy vampires”. This state is not exaggerated, because it’s proven that electronic devices draw energy when they’re plugged in. So, you think that when the appliance is switched off, there is no problem at all, but that is not true. This step is very easy to undertake, so don’t hesitate to do it, you will only need some time to form this new habit. What about your computer? It’s advisable to set it to “sleep” or “hibernate” when you’re not working with it. Another change, that is connected with energy efficiency of your home is to wash your laundry with cold water. Have you ever noticed, that your washing machine has an eco program. It’s about time to start using it. Cold water is good enough for washing your clothes. When it comes to your bed linen, you may use higher degrees, in order to remove all allergens, pathogens and dust mites. You will receive the same tip from your maid, be sure about that. She may also recommend you high-quality washing powder, that is able to eliminate persistent stains even in cold water. Keep in mind, that approximately 80-90% of the energy, used by the washing machine emanates from heating the water up. Another change to increase the energy efficiency at home is to use LED bulbs and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. They are much better and will save you lots of energy. Just change the old light bulbs, because it’s proven, that they lose more than 90% of their energy under the form of heat. It’s great, that you may continue to use your current light fixtures, but with your new, modern bulbs. However, don’t forget to use natural light during the day! Just open the blinds and the curtains of your windows. This will also save you much energy.
  • Use less water, save the planet and your wallet! Few of us are ready to quit on the long shower and the aromatic bath. However, you may make some other changes. For instance, stop the water when you are brushing your teeth! Having in mind, that dentists recommend washing your teeth for 2 minutes, it’s unnecessary to lose so much flowing water during this time. Tell your kids that and involve them in your eco-friendly mission too! Moreover – in case it’s time to change your toilet, you may look for “low flow” toilets. Experts advise you to search the WaterSense label. You have to know, that these toilets spend nearly 20% less water per flush compared with ordinary ones. Look for water-saving showerheads with the same label.
  • Experts in green living advise you to use sustainable flooring. In case it’s high time to install a new flooring in your sweet home, consider the idea to purchase a bamboo flooring. This material is very attractive and durable. In addition, bamboo trees grow very quickly. It’s not the same with the trees, that are use to produce hardwood floors. Usually they need many years to grow up. The same information you will receive from a professional flooring company. There are flooring experts, who will recommend you to purchase an elegant hardwood floor, but don’t forget, that they have to sell their products too. The green style of living is not their main priority. By the way, one more sustainable wood flooring solution is cork. You have to know, that it absorbs noise and feels mellow underfoot.
  • Take care of your kitchen garbage in an eco-friendly way! Produce useful compost for your garden. You know, that vegetable and fruit peels, coffee grounds, eggshells and many other products are easily recycled. They may be used to enrich the soil in your garden. No matter if you live in an overcrowded urban area or at the village, this mission is possible. Just keep a compost bin on a terrace. Keep in mind, that there are online retailers who provide ready-to-go compost kits. Browse the web for more information and don’t hesitate to undertake this step!
  • No matter if you have a garden or not, plant some trees! Trees are cold the lungs of the planet. They produce our oxygen, so we should take care of them. It’s proven, that  a single tree may produce enough oxygen for four people in just one day. Planting at least one tree is something, that everyone should do in a lifetime. Trees are the home of many small animals, rodents and birds. They also create wonderful shade for your home. If you intend to building a new construction home, it’s recommended to work around existing trees. It’s even possible to incorporate them into your house design. For example, you may construct a deck under enormous, shady oak.
  • Excellent insulation means a step closer to your eco-friendly way of life. Therefore, invest some efforts and financial funds to insulate windows, basements and attics. As a result, this will decrease home’s energy consumption. Maintaining a consistent temperature in these premises is very important and should not be underestimated. You may use green alternatives to standard insulation materials.

For lack of time and space we will stop here. However, there are many, many steps, that will lead you to creating a sustainable and green home environment. It’s enough to be motivated and to make some efforts. Good luck!   

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