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Оrganise your junk drawer now!

Оrganise your junk drawer now!A junk drawer is found literally in every household – you may not even realise that you have one. Placing all the random stuff, that you usually keep cluttered around, in one place is doubtlessly convenient but when you actually need something you can easily turn this multi-purpose drawer into a pure chaos. Theoretically, this drawer is meant to be a treasure box for various odds that are on hand whenever you need them. However, in reality they quickly become “it must be somewhere in here” situation. In order to make the best use of your junk drawer, read on and discover few tips on keeping it organised:

  • The most burdensome part is the decluttering process of the drawer – usually things like old thank-you cards, rubber bands, spare buttons, paper clips, staples, highlighters and other random stuff can be found in there. The important part is to separate the ones you actually need from the junk that is just taking space over there. Empty your drawer on a piece of newspaper and start the purge! Ask yourself a simple questions like “Do I really need this?” and if the answer is no, toss it in the trash – old business cards, chopsticks, anything broken or outdated in general. A good time to perform this task is the next time you take up to domestic cleaning – even if you rely on professionals for the process, your maid won’t be able to handle your own junk so take time to do it by yourself.
  • Step Number 2 is to group and arrange what is left into piles. You will see that not everything found in the junk drawer belongs in there – some of the items actually have their own places. Put them aside and continue to arrange the rest. Things like lip balms, spare post-it notes and bobby pins you can still keep in there as emergency on hand items. However, belongings such as pain relievers and sunglasses can be placed in better storage places. Take your time to decide which item belongs where.
  • Another important aspect of the whole process is to plan your storage solution. Otherwise, you will see that in few days the same mess will be going on in the drawer. Measure its height and width and create several dividers – the easiest option is to buy a drawer divider from the store but you can make your own one without hassle if you want to spend few minutes while tackling it. You can use a cardboard bottle divider from wine case to make one – cut in accordance with the measures and you will have a neat divider for free! For instance, if you have few pairs of earrings and you want to keep them in the drawer, save yourself the hassle and place an ice cube tray – you will be able to easily find them. The same goes for any small stuff – pins, buttons, screws and so on. Another convenient storage places can be achieved by placing old tea cups or bowls into the drawer – use them as containers. Place your lipsticks, jewelry and hair ties for easy access. If you keep documents in the drawer you are recommended to use over-sized freezer bags that will keep them from stains or any possible spills. The bags are also convenient to keep your phone chargers, headphones and other cords.
  • Last but not least, now as you have cleaned your junk drawer you should go through it on a daily basis so it won`t turn in the same mess just after few days. If you don’t have time to go through them on regular basis, make sure you do it at least monthly, whenever you start your house cleaning or when you are about to perform an one off cleaning procedure – maintaining the junk drawer in good condition will make your life easier. Small organisational changes can really have a positive impact on your overall well-being.
  • It goes without saying but keep your junk drawer where you use it. If your kids are into art projects and usually create them in the kitchen then keep their junk drawer there. It won`t be convenient to get the supplies and other needed tools all the way from the hallway or the living room. Don’t forget to teach them how to organise it by themselves – it will help them learn how to keep your home clutter-free.

Everyone needs a junk drawer! However, if you neglect organising it you can’t benefit and take advantage of its full potential. Add this household chore to your to-do-list and don’t forget to perform cleanup sessions from time to time. Not keeping track of what’s inside can only result in buying things you already have hiding somewhere in the corners!

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