Best Tips for Maintaining Your Bathtub

Best Tips for Maintaining Your BathtubBathroom cleaning is among the trickiest house cleaning chores you might think of. No, it is not all about grabbing a random multi-purpose cleaner and sanitising the tiles, the faucet, and the cabinets. The key to having a clean bathroom is to pay attention to every detail without reaching a point where your friends and family members call you a cleaning freak or a germaphobe. Let’s talk about the bathtub and the approaches you can adopt if you want to keep it clean for longer without spending much time in disinfecting. (more…)

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Keep Your Car Sparkling This Summer!

Keep Your Car Sparkling This SummerDriving a dirty car makes far from a good impression. Even if you don`t really care about what people would think of you and see you as a neglecting car-owner, you should keep your car in a decent condition for a few good reasons. Check out what you should not miss to do this Summer and enjoy your rides – having a shiny car always feel good! (more…)

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How to Organise Your Home Office

How to Organise Your Home OfficeWorking from home definitely has a lot of advantages. You set your working hours and do not have to tolerate the irritating behavior of the co-worker on the desk next to you. Plus, you don’t have to get up two hours earlier to dress up, catch the bus or drive several miles to get to work where you will have to do your task. If you do your job well, you will probably be assigned someone else’s job too. On the other hand, working from home limits your social life, not to mention that many people find the home environment distracting. Anyway, if you consider the advantages of working from home more than the disadvantages, you’d better set up your working corner and try to keep the distraction to the minimum. (more…)

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Оrganise your junk drawer now!

Оrganise your junk drawer now!A junk drawer is found literally in every household – you may not even realise that you have one. Placing all the random stuff, that you usually keep cluttered around, in one place is doubtlessly convenient but when you actually need something you can easily turn this multi-purpose drawer into a pure chaos. Theoretically, this drawer is meant to be a treasure box for various odds that are on hand whenever you need them. However, in reality they quickly become “it must be somewhere in here” situation. In order to make the best use of your junk drawer, read on and discover few tips on keeping it organised: (more…)

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Make your home eco-friendly by following these steps!

Make your home eco-friendly by following these stepsEvery homeowner dreams of a perfect home. However, this does not mean only stylish interior design and feel of coziness. It’s very important to create an environmentally friendly living area too. Some of you may think, that this is very overwhelming mission. The truth is that, you may start with some small changes in order to achieve a sustainable and eco-friendly home space. As a result you will save some money and you may continue with greater home improvements. Don’t forget that your actions in this eco direction will help you to contribute for saving both: the planet and your wallet. Here below you will find some important eco-friendly steps to follow. Read carefully and don’t hesitate to apply the described advices: (more…)

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Easy ways to clean your makeup tools and accessories

Easy ways to clean your makeup suppliesWe know that cleaning makeup brushes is much less of an excitement than making ourselves all prettied up but it is an essential task that should not be neglected. You should actually add this to your beauty routine – just imagine all the dirt, dead skin, oils and bacteria that are accumulating on the bristles. If you keep using them in this condition it may result in skin irritation, clogged pores and horrifying breakouts. However, not only the brushes get dirty – other tools like tweezers and eyelash curlers should be cleaned, too. Don’t forget that you have invested a decent amount of money in these beauty supplies so you should take care of them properly. Fortunately, to clean your makeup brushes is easy – read on and check these easy ways to do this task efficiently. (more…)

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What would it be to live without a microwave at home?

What would it be to live without a microwave at home-Have you ever wondered what would it be to live without your beloved microwave? Almost every household owns one as they are really easy to use and maintain. However, recent studies showed that the way a microwave oven preheats the food damages the molecules` structure and people eat modified food on daily basis which in the long run may lead to some serious health issues. So are you willing to risk your and your family’s safety just because you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite microwave popcorn? Read on to see what a living without this kitchen appliance entails. (more…)

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Get your home ready for Spring now!

Get your home ready for Spring nowA cleaning procedure that every diligent housewife should do is the spring cleaning. Getting your home ready for this great season is essential as a lot of decluttering, window cleaning and other household chores should be done right before it comes. Don`t lose more time and let the spring fatigue to get you – start your spring cleaning now! Read on and see how to perform this important procedure. (more…)

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Helpful ways for cleaning a dirty candle

Helpful ways for cleaning a dirty candleDo you have beautiful candles that you love placing around the house? Probably yes. A lot of people like to keep some fresh-scented candles as you can always make the atmosphere at home a little more lovely and charming. However, it’s not something uncommon to find your candle kind of filthy because you forgot it in the drawer for a little too long. Read on how to clean your candles without damaging them. (more…)

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Stain Emergency – What To Do?

stain removal tipsEveryone has experienced those horrifying moments when you or someone else spill something on the new tablecloth or carpet. When something like that happens, the last thing to do is panic. Yes, you have to treat the spot immediately but the right way. Otherwise, you risk just spreading the stain and worsening the situation.

Check out our pieces of advice on how to act in case of a stain emergency: (more…)

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