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Carpet cleaning in SW11 Battersea

It’s an undeniable fact, that carpets are a stylish and beautiful element of the domestic interior. People like them, because they contribute for the coziness and the warmth of the rooms. Unfortunately the consequences of their poor maintenance may end in stubborn stains, faded colors and even mold. Nowadays the most widespread Battersea carpet cleaning technique is hoovering. Bear in mind that it’s just a superficial Battersea carpet cleaning method which deals only with the solid dirt particles. Actually, the separate fibers hold dust mites and grime, which are skipped by the vacuum cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t worry and don’t run to the store for expensive detergents! Here in SW11 district, our Battersea carpet cleaning company will come to your house to perform professional carpet sanitising. Thanks to this efficient procedure your carpets will be flawless again. Trained Battersea carpet cleaning experts, modern machines and strong non-toxic detergents will finish the whole job the best possible way. Bear in mind, that if you rely on our professional Battersea carpet cleaners to perform these procedures from time to time, you will enjoy impeccable carpets - fresh and sanitised. Our convenient Battersea carpet cleaning service is provided on site in your house in SW11 area, so everything is planned to be really easy for your Majesty - the Client.

Contact us on 020 8114 0007 and book our convenient Battersea carpet cleaning service! You’ll be fascinated by the result!

The correct codes: steam and dry carpet cleaning

  • Steam cleaning - just leave us your manufactured fabrics, such as synthetics, and relax. Our experienced Battersea carpet cleaning teams will put in action the special equipment, called Ninja. It will inject a mixture of hot water and biodegradable non-harmful cleanser into the fabric. Thanks to this strong combination and the high pressure of the injection, the grime and the bacteria don’t have a chance to survive. Finally, everything together is vacuumed back and the carpet material dries up very quickly.
  • Dry cleaning - the natural and the decorative fabrics won’t be omitted by our trained Battersea carpet cleaners. For them, our experts use special chemical compound, similar to bran. This method is based on no-moisture or very-low-moisture system. The microbes and the dirt particles are attracted by the innocuous substance. Thus you get flawless cleanliness without any risk of damage.

The same super effective techniques are applied also during our professional upholstery cleaning. Now you know what to do when your upholstery gets stinky and stained.

“Wow, what a gorgeous carpet!” Who else loves to obtain compliments?

Such kind of compliments will abound if you trust our vetted and insured Battersea carpet cleaners. The adorable results you’ll get will make you feel a proud owner of lovely carpets. Now you can let your kids play there without any fear of microbes and dirt. All these stacked benefits come to you at cheap and fair rates in SW11 area. Isn’t it great that you can afford our Battersea carpet cleaning service without risk of shrinkage of the family budget?

As a perfect finish of our effective Battersea carpet cleaning techniques, our experienced company could apply Scotchgard Protector on your already thoroughly cleaned fabrics. Thus a defensive layer is implemented on the carpet material. The method ensures prevention of the fast absorption of the spillages, so you could have time to wipe the liquids. Make that crucial call on 020 8114 0007 and request our efficient Battersea carpet cleaning procedure! Get rid of the cheeky germs and stop providing them a cozy home between the fibres of your rugs!

Steam Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet £15.00
  • A large rug/carpet £26.00

Dry Cleaning Prices:

  • A small rug/carpet £24.00
  • A large rug/carpet £42.00

Minimum charge applies for both steam and dry cleaning.

Are you planning to move out? Make it easy with our end of tenancy cleaning service!

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