Benefits of using our cleaning company

  • Free time - taking domestic chores off your shoulders gives you more time to spend with friends and family or do other tasks;
  • Reliability - All personnel has gone through background check and is insured in compliance with residential and commercial requirements;
  • Cleaning visits are scheduled for day and time that suits you including weekends and bank holidays - with no extra charge;
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning techniques and detergents - completely safe for people with allergies, children, pets.
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Hyper White - House Cleaning Services

Everyone is “guilty” of some procrastination. Are you a mom who tries to balance between career and family? Do you stay late at work to finish a project? Or you run a family business where it all depends on you? Whirled in life’s rhythm, at the end of the day we search for peace of mind and we often put off small tasks like house chores until tomorrow...or the day after.

We, at Hyper White - House Cleaning Services, believe it is the small things that count. No one is eager to come home to piles of laundry and dirty dishes. It doesn’t contribute to good mood, good health, or domestic comfort. Our mission is to make your house clean and tidy again.

Services We Offer

Our company provides a range of cleaning service to cater for all your home hygiene needs. Each can be adjusted to suit your individual requirements - you can choose: schedule, duration, detergents, and more.

  • You can schedule weekly/fortnightly visits when you need general help around the house, like vacuuming/mopping, dusting, wiping off all surfaces, even laundry, and ironing. This service is suitable for older people, families with children and pets, individuals working in more than one place.
  • Customers book Deep Cleaning when they need occasional sanitising before/after guests/relatives visit or at the end of the season (Spring Cleaning). Also, many mothers-to-be choose our help to provide domestic hygiene for when their bundles of joy arrive.
  • End of Tenancy Cleaning is well-known service by letting agents and tenants in London. By following an industry-approved checklist, our team manages to get landlords their property in top condition and tenants to receive their deposit back.
  • We are also capable of delivering tech-savvy procedures like Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning and Floor Polishing. The powerful machine we use, known as Steam Ninja, literally sucks out the embedded dirt. The effect is most prominent on heavily soiled high traffic areas. It successfully removes pet stains and odour, too.

You can book our services by phone 020 8114 0007 or by filling out this form.

London Environment

London is a busy metropolis preferred for its culture and spirit, entwined in delighting combination. Whether you walk its streets full of historic landmarks or indulge in the vibrant nightlife, every experience would inspire you. The capital of England is the biggest city in the European Union with population of over 14 million people. Not coincidentally London holds the lead as trade, culture, fashion and politics center. This global city is also one of the greatest financial hubs, here is why the service sector is permanently booming. We, as a professional cleaning service company, are well aware of our responsibilities not only to our customers, but also to city environment. In our work we use only non-hazardous, eco-friendly products and techniques. Keeping your home or workplace safe is our way to contribute for a fresh and bright London.

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