House Cleaning Services

House cleaning services are all the rage nowadays amongst people living hectic and tightly scheduled life. What we can offer is a vast range of choices and combinations, ensuring high levels of hygiene for your home or office. We have strictly selected our employees, because we know that a good service requires a good staff. Over the years we have chosen and retained our hard working professionals, who are dedicated to providing their duties the best possible way. Our services comprise every conceivable type of cleaning. We can take care of your regular household chores, prepare your house for a special occasion, focus on specified by you high traffic areas, all performed with the sense of a job well done. It is always a pleasure for us to provide you with the advice and the support you need. Call us on 020 8114 0007 for expert opinion and free quotation.

Window Cleaning

Cleaning Services London

  • customized cleaning services
  • flexible working hours
  • innovative cleaning techniques
  • motivated and reliable staff
  • state-of-the-art equipment

Cleaning services in London provided by our company are always in compliance with all the residential and commercial requirements, regarding health, safety, business hours, technology and every other tiny aspect. We live up to the latest tendencies in the industry, using methods proven to be effective. The ability to quickly learn your exact cleaning demands helps us to improve our work and keep our clients happy. Our private cleaning services are conducted with attention to detail and professionalism that are incomparable throughout London. We will not bind you to particular period of time, you can stay as long as you are pleased with our services. Though, we are sure that we will build lasting relationships and fit your lifestyle, because of the delivered quality of our cleaning work. We expect your inquiries and feedback at our contact form.

End of Tenancy Cleaning in London

End of tenancy cleaning is this kind of service that will help you undergo more easily through stressful change of residence. The excitement from the moving could be marred by the fact that you have to clean two houses – your new one and your old one. We are able to help you with both, offering quality end of tenancy and pre tenancy cleaning. Our job is to comprehensive sanitize every corner of your property, ensuring the refund of your full deposit back. We cover our cleaning work with satisfaction guarantee, which means that we will re-clean your house for free, if you are not completely happy with the cleaning results. This way we ensure high standards of our post tenancy cleaning service. You can focus on warming your new home, whilst we make your previous house flawlessly clean. Take a look at our great discounts at the .

Tenancy Cleaning

Office Cleaning London

Office cleaning is one of our main services which we perform at commercial and public buildings within London and Greater London. We offer regular office cleaning on daily, weekly or monthly bases at a convenient for you business hours. More specialized services, such as window, carpet, floor and furniture maintenance, are available on optional frequency, even could be performed together on one visit. Our high standard of hygiene is achieved by extensive training of our technicians in equipment and products usage. We strive to ensure you clean, organized and healthy workplace, prepared for the next challenging and productive day for your staff. Tailored to your individual needs, our professional will enhance your business image, keeping your work space tidy and presentable. Call us today on 020 8114 0007 to arrange your personal schedule.


London is a busy metropolis preferred for its culture and spirit, entwined in delighting combination. Whether you walk its streets full of historic landmarks or indulge in the vibrant nightlife, every experience would inspire you. The capital of England is the biggest city in the European Union with population of over 14 million people. Not coincidentally London holds the lead as trade, culture, fashion and politics center. This global city is also one of the greatest financial hubs, here is why the service sector is permanently booming. We, as a professional cleaning service company, are well aware of our responsibilities not only to our customers, but also to city environment. In our work we use only non-hazardous, eco-friendly products and techniques. Keeping your home or workplace safe is our way to keep London safer. House Cleaning Services is promising to provide you with great cleaning services London and that our further serve will continue to be unremittingly diligent and of benefit to the city.

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